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We get so many people enquiring about Verruca removal that I thought I should make a blog post to help people decide on the best way forward.


The truth is, if you have a verruca and it’s not hurting, then the best thing to do is leave it well alone. It may take several years to resolve, but your body will fight it and eventually should win. Leave it well alone because touching it can make verrucae spread.

However, most people that visit us here at The Nantwich Clinic have had enough of their verrucae and want rid.

We offer three different types of verrucae treatment.

  1. Cryotherapy
    • A traditional method for removal of verrucae using liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin and decrease cell growth and reproduction.
  2. Acid Therapy
    • The most conventional remedy for verrucae. Silver Nitrate Acid, Pyrogalic Acid and Salicylic acid.  Acids are found in low percentages in over the counter products and can be used in higher strengths by a Podiatrist to break down the layers of skin in a verruca.
  • Both the Cryotherapy and Acid therapy require multiple treatments, recommended fortnightly.  Everybody’s feet and verrucae are different, so it is not possible to put any timescale on when the treatment will be successful. These treatments require self care in between appointments and can be painful. There is also a risk of ulceration and allergic reaction. This is rare, but never the less needs to be said.
  1. Microwave Therapy

“Swift”. This technology that has been used in the fight against cancer since the 1970s and was released for use by Podiatrists in treating verrrucae and warts only last year.  Swift provides a precise, clean and easy way of treating verrucae and warts in seconds and the patient can resume normal activities immediately, feeling no pain and with no need for post-procedural dressings.

We have found most success when repeating this treatment three times, with appointments taken between 1 and 4 weeks apart, depending upon the individual. This is why we offer a reduced rate for booking three treatments to encourage success. The cost of these includes treatment for multiple verrucae at one appointment.

Please get in touch and let me know if this has been useful. Thank you for reading!


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