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Comparison of Cures for Fungal Nail Treatment:

*Figures taken from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists website

Topical Treatments

Such as Nail paint – 22% cure rate when applied daily for 6-12 months.*

Systematic Agents

56% cure rate over a 12-24 month course of treatment.*

Treatment examples with Severe Infection:


Case: Male patient, thumb. Severe nail mycosis.

Diagnosis: Trichophyton Rubrum, second photo at 4 months, third photo at 10 months.


Systematic Agents

Case: Female Patient, toenail. Severe nail mycosis for 10 years.

Diagnosis: Trichophyton Rubrum, second photo at 1 month, third photo at 6 months.

Nail Fungus Diagnosis

The characteristic signs and symptoms of nail fungus infection are usually sufficient for a visual diagnosis by a podiatrist prior to treatment.

If it is unclear, scrapings can be taken from the infected nail and examined directly under a microscope for the diagnosis to be confirmed.

As opposed to human cells, fungi possess a cell wall. This cell wall can be stained with a dye that is harmless to human cells but that stain selectively makes fungi sensitive to a specific wavelength of light.

By conducting light treatment with a PACT® high-powered LED lamp the stained cell wall of the fungus is attacked and destroyed. The fungus can no longer continue to grow. Repeating the treatment ensures the fungus is destroyed even if infection is severe and penetrates deeply within the nail as deeply in the tissues as is necessary.

Pact treatment 2 Pact treatment picture

The Special Nail Fungus Gel:
The PACT® Nail fungus Gel was specially developed for application to toenails and fingernails and it only works in combination with exposure to light from a PACT® MED light device.

PACT blue gelpact blue gel 2


Severity of Infection

Mild Infection

Medium Infection

Severe Infection